Wednesday, August 20, 2008

You Tube Video!

I am so excited about this! A John Branson from New Mexico used one of my songs to make a video for his photos! Most of his photos are from New Mexico but a few are landscapes from nearby states. John and his partner Barb have been long time supporters of me and my music and I was honored when he asked me if he could use one of my songs! Heck yeah you can! His photographs are beautiful and always make me homesick. To accompany them in a video really, I'll say it again, it's an honor. I love them. He wrote to tell me today that it's up and I think it looks great! I have many favorite photos in it but I really liked the setting sun at the end. I was teary-eye and missing home once again. I hope you take a minute, or 4:43 to be exact, and watch it.

I'm excited to be associated with his work and I'm excited to have a song up on youtube. Yes, I know that I could post something myself but in my techno-phobic hesitation, I just haven't gotten around to it. Hopefully this will inspire me to add some of the videos I've been accumulating from live shows. Hopefully... And, if you're inspired to make a video to one of my songs, that would be completely amazing and cool.


Anonymous said...

Where are your songs? I would like to hear them.

Hubie Goode said...

Gonna start singing again? Coming back from obscurity?